Friday, August 10, 2007

Dumbass Minsk Rider

Going to work this morning a bit late meant more traffic than usual, so it was a long, hard slog. Yes, Rumsfeldian-speak has infiltrated my beautiful mind.

Near the office, the road widens and clears out a bit, next to Hoan Kiem Lake, which is the heart of city. Ah, finally, a little peace.

Then you hear it, the annoying brappin' of a Minsk. He was speeding up the street, with visible pollution trailing about 10 meters back. Thinking I'm all indie and cool in my army fatigue cap.

What an asshole. It is one thing when a local rides around in a Honda Dream that emits excess fumes due to lack of maintenance. It's another thing when a fucking interloper chooses to buy and ride around in motobikes that are best used as scrap iron. I am sure your hypocritical ass bemoan all the SUVs and their environmental impact back home too.


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qtn said...

hello, am also couple here, living in dc (half time--california other half), looking to move to vn, but probably not for a while. doing lots of reading & looking beforehand--including yours, very helpful. can i ask what you do there? jobs & viable work is def priority for the move. in case you prefer email, mine is generalqt at gmail. thnx.

D. said...

I try to make money, hopefully not in an illegal trade. Which is another way of saying I don't talk about what I do to people I don't meet in real life. Nothing personal, I'm just weary of having too much of an online presence.