Monday, February 05, 2007

Super Vina Bowl

I watched the Bears-Colts game this morning via a NFL network feed on ESPN-HK. There are few cultural touchstones like the Superbowl, but I was watching it more for the game and not the hype enveloping the event.

This weekend, in my discovery treks across this city, I went looking for a sports bar to watch the game in. Nothing like some brews at 6am. The restaurant near the US Embassy did not seem to recognize that there was a game this morning.

The employees at an ex-pat sports bar didn't know what I meant by either Superbowl or 'bong da my' (American Football, as opposed to, you know, the Mia Hamm type of footballing ;). The ex-pat community that bar catered to were of the Asian variety, and not the North American variety, so that may excuse it a bit.

Overall, the game was pretty good, though it did not seem like a Super Bowl; no build up throughout the day, not to mention the past week; no expensive attempts at creative commercials, just endless English Premiership adverts; no saccharine summaries by Jim Nantz when things were said and done (announcers were Sterling Sharpe, who did a good job, even if he thought that the Bears were "on the edge of a cliff" for half the game, and some other NFL network dude who's better than Nantz).

All in all, it was a good way to kick off a Monday morning. Now I gotta figure out if March Madness will be on the tube here. No soccer for me (unless it's the WC).

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